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Non-Profit Performance Evaluation

“Being a Finalist has given our supporters a sense that their many investments in our work are effective.”
David J. Smith, Evangel Hall

Measuring Performance

In addition to the valuable cash awards and public recognition, as a participating non-profit organization, you benefit from the unique performance evaluation service provided free to every Donner Award applicant.

At a time when charities and other non-profits are coming under increased scrutiny over the efficiency and effectiveness of their management and program delivery, our non-profit performance reports are an important tool to encourage public and donor confidence.


The evaluation protocol is detailed in the annual Non-Profit Performance Report published and distributed each year by The Fraser Institute.

The report provides an important reference for non-profit organizations seeking to improve their performance and efficiency. For corporations, foundations, and individuals, the Non-Profit Performance Report provides a useful tool to evaluate the effectiveness of organizations competing for their charitable dollars.

Award recipients and finalists are profiled in the report, along with a list of suggested resources to improve non-profit performance.


Confidential Performance Reports assess the performance of your non-profit relative to that of your peers in the sector. Using information from the completed application form, each organization's performance is evaluated in ten areas:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Income Independence
  3. Strategic Management
  4. Board Governance
  5. Volunteers
  6. Staff
  7. Innovation
  8. Program Cost
  9. Outcome Monitoring
  10. Accessibility

View a sample Confidential Performance Report.


Simply by filling out the application form, your organization can develop the skills to think critically about how you manage your resources, staff, and volunteers, and track outputs and outcomes.

By applying year after year, agencies can continue to track their improvement as they advance towards ever-higher levels of excellence and accountability. Many past participants have incorporated the Donner Awards evaluation into their strategic planning processes.

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