What Are The Bad Things About Bad Credit Payday Loans?

Payday loans generally tags along a very evident problem which is the inflated interest rates. Payday loan fees can range from within $10 to $30 for per $100 borrowed. This generally calculates to an interest rate between 261%-782% annually and they have other less evident perils as well.

Payday Loans Can Be Insanely Exorbitant:

Even the most costly credit cards you possess won’t be charging you anything more than 28 to 36 percent at any given time. But a single payday loan can cost you up to 10 times more than that. For example if you take a payday loan of a mere $15 for 10 days, the interest percentage will be something around 400% annually. In order to capture the market for these kind of loans, the payday lenders generally reside in shady localities where the general population won’t be qualifying for any bank loans. It seems like easy way of getting a loan but it has its price, which accounts for the extremely high interest rates.

The Renewal Fees:

If a borrower defaults while paying back the loan on time, the lenders force them to renew the previously active loan or even sometimes pushing them to opt for a new one in worst cases. This traps them in a loop where though they toil their whole day to pay off the loans, the owed amount never ceases. A borrower who takes an initial loan of $400 at $60 interest keeps renewing the initial loan at every two weeks interval for a four month stretch and ends up paying almost $480 as interest, however the original $400 remains unpaid.

The Unavoidable Loop Of Debt:

Some famous lending houses who operate on a short period basis try their best to prevent this cycle of debt by creating and maintaining a detailed database of borrowers. It has been seen by following the trends that 76% of the bad credit payday loans are the result of the attempt of paying off old loans. It has also been found out in the reports of a non-profit organization that on average the borrower continues to pay the debts for almost 6 months though many tries to pay it off by 2 to 3 weeks. The greatest disadvantage of the bad credit payday loans is that these loans can’t be paid gradually over a period of time, like that of in the case of car loans or mortgages on homes but the borrower needs to pay up the whole amount upfront, including the principal and the interest within two weeks. In most of the cases, the borrowers find the lump sum amount to be much more than their expected budget and ultimately falter while handling such huge amounts. So they ultimately resort to renewing their loans or opting out for a new one. Consumer Finance Protection Bureau stated out in a report that four out five payday loans end up as a bad credit payday loan.

The Collectors:

Ideally, a lender who lends out payday loans should not have a problem with debt collection, as it means taking out a few bucks out of the checking amount. But the problem arises because in most cases the accounts remain empty which means the lender gets stranded with basically nothing and the borrower gets penalized by a high bank charge. Though the lender doesn’t gives up that easily and continues with his attempts of collecting the money, sometimes getting a bit more liberal enough to break the entire amount into small installments so that the payments get more likely to happen. If the payments still don’t start coming, the lenders may start running after your life and harassing you over phone or physically and even may send legal letters and sue you for non-payment of the debt. Once this happens, the borrower may not have much of an option as the collection agencies will come and sell off your stuff to clear of the debt for every penny. Also, losing such a case in court may lead to seizure of all your assets and scraping of wages.

The Ever Increasing Growth Of Debt Rates:

The thing about the rates of the debts are that they never slow down , rather keeps on increasing with time and you may end up paying about ten times the original rate that was decided at the time of the borrowing. It always starts with one small mistake and before you realize, the debts gets tripled or even quadrupled in a span of just a year and can torment you for a lifetime.

Impact Of Credit:

Payday lenders doesn’t check your finances and credits like a bank or a financial institution before lending out loans as it is not very cost effective to run a detailed credit check on every borrower for issuing trivial amounts for very short tenures. But in case of a defaulter the credit department can track it back even if doesn’t get reported thus hampering your credit scores which becomes a daunting task to improve again.

Bad Credit Payday Loans are worst and one should explore other alternatives before taking a payday loan because honestly it makes any alternatives look good. Any other method of debts is advisable, though it should be kept in mind that you must not become dependent on these.

Pros And Cons Of A Bad Credit Payday Loan

It is not that easy to identify benefits of bad credit payday loans immediately. Moreover it is not always suitable for everyone. It comes with both pros and cons. Following are the pros and cons of a bad credit payday loan.


Easy Application Process:

You can easily apply for a bad credit payday loan. This is because most of the lenders will accept applications online. The turnaround is also quick along with the request of approval coming within an hour. The payday loan application will take maximum half an hour. Online applications are simple and short. Since loan applications are processed online so you can apply any time you want or need and never have to wait for the bank to reopen the next morning before you have an idea that you will getting the loan. If the loan gets approved, the money will be available within a day. You will be having the money whenever you will requiring it and you never have to go elsewhere to arrange for it when the bank is processing the loan application.

Request Of Different Loan Amounts:

Few online lenders of personal loans are seen to have some minimum on the loan amount they are agreeing to finance with any borrower. But there are some lenders who are flexible with the amount requested by the borrowers. For instance a payday loan is offered till $5000 by some borrowers. This loan’s relative variety is an advantage to those borrowers who require flexible amounts of loan between their paychecks.

Credit Check And Collateral Not Needed:

Any applicant’s credit report and collateral is not required for any payday loan application. So if you have a bad credit report, payday loans is perfect for you. Similarly people with few assets can also apply for this loan. It is the best type of loan for individuals with poor credit score as most of the people who applies for payday loan gets approval.

Quick Cash Transfer:

One of the major benefits of payday loans is their instant approval. Sometime immediate approval and cash transfer in the bank account is done in not even 24 hours. So if you are in any financial problem or emergency, then look out for payday loans. Any other loans will be including more application process and will lead to a delay in the fund transfer. You can also apply for the loan easily and fast via your lender’s site.


It being a short-term loan, borrowers require to manage that one huge repayment only. It is completed in a week or two.

Automatic Repayment:

Repayment of bad credit payday loan does not require signing of any lengthy form or check. Automatic withdrawal can be done from the bank account of a borrower at the loan term’s end.


High Rate Of Interest Along With Costs:

It comes with a high rate of interest because most of them are not secured and are of short term. The rates are too much high than that of the various short term loans available in the market. As a result of this high rate of interest, the total repayment ends up being big. There is a great risk that you will not be able to repay it.

Short Term of Repayment:

Several lenders of payday loans need their borrowers to pay the loans completely within a small time like 14 days. Many borrowers find it impossible because of the high interest rates. So the borrowers pay more money as they are unable to fulfil the terms of repayment.

Includes Penalties:

If you miss any date of repayment, you will have to pay a huge penalty. This is not very uncommon as most of the lenders charge penalties for most of the loans. Repayments of payday loan are missed very easily as you need to clear off all the payment at one go. So try to pay on time as the penalties will be adding up and you will need to repay much more than you were expected to.

One Leads To Another:

Fast cash is offered by payday loans. But many such payday loans frequently make way to another if do not plan your finances well. For instance, if an individual requests for $1000 payday loan then he needs to clear off it on his scheduled paycheck of $1800. Suppose he is paying $700 as the interest. Then he will be only having $100 from his income. During another financial difficulty he will take another payday loan and so on. It will cause a difficult condition to take place. A lender can garnish your wages and take you to a court. So stop future debt and plan well when you take a payday loan.

You can thus obtain a bad credit payday loan easily. Remember about the above mentioned bad credit payday loan’s pros and cons as you browse for payday lenders.

Steps To Better Money Management

A healthy financial future isn’t about how much money you make – it’s about how you manage and plan. Depending on how much you spend or how much you make, only you will be able to be the judge of this but feel free to tweak it as much as you like in order to achieve your goals on paper. The most important thing when managing your own finances is to stick to it!

Mistakes To Avoid While Taking Bad Credit Payday Loans

There are several potential mistakes one can make when getting a bad credit payday loan. So understand those mistakes. If you do not educate yourself before taking this loan, you will face different issues. So listed below are some of the mistakes to avoid while taking bad credit payday loan.

Considering Payday Loan As The First Option:

If you require cash immediately, then a bad credit payday loan will help you. But it should always be the last option and never the first one to opt for. The good thing about the lenders of payday loan is that they will talk and discuss as well as listen when other lenders will not.

Taking A Loan That You Really Do Not Require:

Think twice whether you really require a bad credit pay day loan. This is because the rate of interest of payday loans is higher. So you really do not need to take a payday loan if it can be avoided. Some people are seen to take it for financing their vacation or funding their shopping. But never make such mistakes.

Taking One Payday Loan For Settling Other Debt:

Never take a bad credit payday loan for settling a debt of your credit card. It will get you into more debt. Other than few special scenarios, taking one loan to clear off another is never a great idea. Better try to deal with your debt directly. Negotiate easier terms of payment. Only take this type of loan during emergency needs. Clearing off the debt of your credit card is not the one.

Selecting The First Loan Provider That You See:

Ensure that you choose the correct loan provider for a bad credit payday loan from the different available options. The loan provider whom who will select will be affecting many things such as rate of interest as well as complete loan terms. Many lenders are not trustworthy and genuine. So you need to research well to get hold of the right bad credit payday loan provider to fulfil your requirements.

Opting For It According To Your Wish:

You will be in a difficult financial situation if you keep on taking one bad credit payday loan followed by another. Apart from this, the fees along with interests that you will be paying are not a great idea as you will be moving from one debt to another. A bad credit payday loan is there to aid you out rather than sinking you more into the debt. Once you get this loan, commit to pay it off within the repayment period.

Not Giving Accurate Details In The Form Of Application:

If you think that by providing false details in the application form of a payday loan will increase your chance of getting an approval then understand that it is not true. So if you give false details in your application form, it will definitely get rejected. Then you need to submit another form. Do not waste your time and be truthful about each and every information that you submit with the application form.

Borrowing Huge Amount Than Needed:

It is a great mistake. A bad credit payday loan will save you but do not misuse it. If you borrow an amount more than it is actually required then you are abusing this great facility. You should be responsible enough to take a loan that you require not what you want. Moreover the more you will be borrowing the more interest as well as fees you have to pay. There lies a higher chance that you will face problems while repaying the bad credit payday loan.

Get Late On Repaying The Loan:

You will never wish to make late payments. If you do so, then you will be charged with an additional fee as a penalty of the late payment. Your credit score will also be affected if you do not repay the loan on the scheduled time. It is important to know when it is time for paying back the borrowed money and never forget about it. Some people believe that if they are 1-2 days late it is acceptable. But it is never as your lender will always charge late fees even it is a matter of 1-2 days.

Unaware Of The Loan Terms:

Before you take a bad credit payday loan have a proper understanding of its terms. Understand when are the due dates for fee payments. Mostly such fees get automatically deducted from an individual’s checking account. Sometime people are seen to completely forget about these fees and the dates. In such scenarios overdraft fees are charged by the bank and you will get into more debt. So it is crucial to understand your bad credit payday loan terms and set reminder for payment due dates.

During financial emergency a bad credit payday loan will be of great help. So if you can avoid the above mentioned mistakes, a bad credit payday loan will be advantageous for you in greatest requirement.